I’ve seen this festival advertised but always found reasons not to attend. It was too far, I’d have to take a shuttle bus from the parking lot, too many carbs and not enough events on the schedule.

This year, stormy weather was predicted, but after one round, the sun showed up and so I headed there. My reasons for going? I hadn’t tasted any corn on the cob yet this summer, I’ve never watched a tractor pull competition before and I’ve seen the highway signs for this town, but never stopped off there.

The event shouted small town and I loved it. I discovered patience and intrigue watching the tractor competition, I watched an aerial artist with the carnival rides as a backdrop, There was a petting zoo, potato peeling contests and live bands. There was every kind of food and people smiling with plates heaped with festival foods 

My only regret is that I didn’t time my visit to perfection - I only had room for one corn. It is my reason to return - so I can taste the potato piled high with toppings which caused all those happy expressions walking away from the stand.

What are some places that you've hesitated about visiting which turned out to be a pleasant surprise?